Xplor Bravest Race Evolution 2019

Do you join the challenge?

  • Unique test of its kind in Mexico will have the participation of 3,500 participants.

  • The register of brokers with discounts of up to 40% in registrations was opened.

  • New route of 6.5 km with more than 40 obstacles, with a circuit never seen before.

On the occasion of the 10th. Anniversary of the adventure park Xplor, of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, the most important obstacles and persecution race in Mexico, the Xplor Bravest Race, will be inspired by the 300 million years of evolution of the Earth and its four elementary stages: Pangea , Dinosaurs, Xapiens and Xplor.

When presenting the 7th. Edition of the race, the Operations Director of the parks Xplor and Xplor Fuego, Armando Ruiz Villalobos, reported that this time the test will have a 6.5 km route with more than 40 obstacles built, incidental and natural within the park, including a new circuit never seen before.

He reported that the Xplor Bravest Race, to be held on September 22, will maintain its capacity to receive 3,500 participants who will enjoy a unique test of its kind in Mexico, thanks to the beauty and extension of its natural settings, some under the earth and others in the middle of the Quintana Roo jungle.

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About Xplor

Xplor is a unique park in the world, as its adventure circuits for swimming and rafting are under the earth, between caverns -flat stalactites and stalagmites- and underground rivers. Outside, the Quintana Roo jungle is the ideal place for tours aboard amphibious vehicles and for zipline crossings, which allow you to enjoy the panoramic view from different angles, with the Caribbean Sea as a majestic backdrop. Its nocturnal version, Xplor Fuego, offers an unparalleled experience to its visitors, with extreme adventure in volcanic environments, darkness and fire as iconic elements.


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