The last season of the Whale Shark and Bioluminicience

All you need to know

One of the events that Mother Nature offers us is to be able to swim with the largest fish considered the world in its natural habitat: the whale shark

This is an experience that you must live, once a year; from 10 June to the end of August, where 2 incredible natural phenomena pass, one being the whale shark and the other bioluminescence.

What is bioluminescence?

It is a plankton a microalga which is the food of the whale shark and on these dates it is when there is more quantity near the island of Holbox that serves for its food and likewise they choose this place for its reproduction

From this date it’s the season!

Sitio Cancún6
Sitio Cancún4
Sitio Cancún1

When is the day that looks best?

When there is no moon or better said new moon, since it is when there is more darkness in the sky and it is when you can appreciate it, if you have the hope of carrying your cell phone and being able to capture this magical moment, only professional cameras can capture what the human eye captures, as data the Bioluminicence is of Green color only that the camera registers it of color Blue

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