Discover the Most Magical Towns in Mexico

We love Valladolid

The city of Valladolid has been named Magical Town for the beauty that it protects in its interior and surroundings, among natural, architectural, gastronomic and religious attractions; One day is not enough to cover it in its entirety and visit each site. There are many reasons that make this site one of the favorites of hikers from around the world, and those who live very close we also love you, there are plenty of reasons but here are the 6 main ones, which you will surely fall in love with.

The most amazing cenotes of Yucatan are in Valladolid, with curious legends and fresh waters, a few steps from each other, in them you can even enjoy the exquisite Valladolid cuisine, as some have a restaurant such as the Cenote Zací; others provide spaces to rest and take some refreshments; surrounded by stalactites the Suytun cenote has shallow waters and freshwater fish inside.


But without a doubt the best thing about Valladolid is the short distance from the Mayan ruins of Ek Balam and Chichen Itzá, which allows you to enjoy them all day long and then move to this city to rest and continue to the day next with the crossing through the cenotes, the church, the convent and other attractions of this Magic Town. 


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