A tree that could kill you and how to avoid it

Kinich y Tizic; of my grandpather stories

One day, I was in one of the forests of Quintana Roo with my grandfather, because we had gone to cut chicozapote in order to obtain the resin of it to create gum. Mistakenly, and as I was inexperienced, I cut a chechén tree and after a few minutes, I began to feel burning in my body… screaming desperately and getting my grandfather’s attention.

My grandfather desperately began to observe the surroundings of the jungle; and he quickly cut the sap of a tree that was a few meters from where he had burned me with the chechén. Immediately; my grandfather began to spread it to me and I felt a relief and freshness; likewise I asked him what had happened and he told me a story that they would love:

Long ago; when the Mayan gods had created the world and everything in it, there were two brothers: Kinich and Tizic; brave warriors but with different hearts.

Kinich was very kind and very dear to the people thanks to the goodness of his heart; for his part Tizic was always egocentric and cold; both brothers fell hopelessly in love with a maiden by the name of Nicte Há.

To obtain his selfish love Tizic challenged Kinich to a duel for the love of the beautiful maiden, angering the gods for that act, who covered the sky with black clouds and even the moon hid throughout the battle. Unfortunately, the duel ended tragically and both brothers were wounded to death.

When they came to the underworld they both pleaded for the forgiveness of the gods, begging to see their beloved Nicté Há again. Thus Tizic was reborn as a chechén tree, which secretes poison within its branches and burns anyone who approaches. Kinich, on the other hand, was reborn in the form of a Chacá tree. Whose sap would cure everything toxic about the chechén


My grandfather wisely added: “My son, as long as you are alone in the jungle, and you get to have some burn from a chechén tree, remember that a few meters away you will find a Chacá, and it will be then that both the story and I, We’ll be reborn in your memories.


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