Tips to visit Xcaret

Xcaret is one of the most visited parks in the Riviera Maya since you can do all kinds of activities in one place. We leave you these recommendations if you plan to visit Xcaret Park so you can enjoy your visit to the fullest.

1. Plan your itinerary

In Xcaret, there´re endless activities you can do, so it´s recommended that you keep in mind the ones you would like to do. It´s normal to want to do all in one day, but it´s best to plan those that are of your greatest interest and spend time only those that prioritize more.

2. Waterproof camera

To immortalize these special moments nothing better than a photograph, but it is important to keep in mind that many of the activities that take place in the park are in the water. So, it´s better to carry the necessary equipment to prevent your photographic equipment from getting soaked. In case you don´t have a protector you can buy one inside the park.

3. 100% biodegradable blocker

Xcaret has several awards for being an environmentally friendly company, which is why it recommends to its visitors that personal hygiene products are totally biodegradable. The flora and fauna found in the place can be very sensitive to the use of chemical compounds.

4. Remember to have your Xcaret map

In this park everything is an adventure, it is immense so to avoid losing you take with you the map of the place, which they can provide you upon arrival.

5. Wear comfortable clothes

Try to take with your shorts or swimsuit, a light t-shirt, towel, and sandals. These items will be necessary for you to be comfortable throughout the tour. You can leave them in the lockers that will be at your disposal inside the park.

6. Schedules of the different shows

Xcaret organizes various shows that you can attend. These are carried out during the course of the day at different times, so to enrich your visit we recommend you ask about them and organize to enjoy them.

7. Request marriage with the help of a macaw

Without a doubt, the marriage proposal is an extremely important event and asking for it by letting one of these beautiful birds give the ring to your partner, makes it an unforgettable event.

8. The Voladores of Papantla

On one side of the plus area, one of the most exciting shows in the park takes place, it is the tribute to the flying of Papantla. You cannot miss this tribute to one of the most important celebrations in Mexico.

9. Rest, sleep and hydrate well

A day in Xcaret is a day full of adventure, so resting well is important for all the activities you have planned for your trip.

10. To Xcaret is not said “goodbye”, but “see you soon”

In Xcaret there is always a surprise waiting for you, so you will always be surprised at each visit. So do not hesitate to return every time you have the opportunity.