Things to do in Cancun at night

Cancun is a diurnal and nocturne city doesn´t matter the hour always will have a surprise for you.

Coco Bongo

One of the most famous nightclub centers in Cancun, it´s a mix between a cirque and discotheque, it´s a little bit dificult define to Coco Bongo, the best way to describe it could be like “Coco Bongo experience”. It´s a true show that keeps its guests in a fun atmosphere.

The City

The bigger discotheque in Latin America where the most famous artists have been presented, DJ´s and singers like Tiesto, Martin Garrix, J Balvin, Piso 21 and many others. It also has 9 pubs and a mobile platform that goes from the third floor to the center of the discotheque.


Cancun is a romantic city. The Columbus tour is available for you and your partner. It brings you kilometers of beaches and magical scenery, additionally, the weather is unique. The Columbus tour offers you a romantic night over the calm waters of the Nichupte Lagoon, the ship sails from Aquatours Marina located in the km 6.5 of Blvd. Kukulkan, Hotel Zone in Cancun.

Pirate Ship

The night is to navigate in the caribe sea, feel yourself part of a brave pirate crew onboard of an antique pirate ship. The fun is guaranteed with the best light and sound equipment and a delicious buffet with salads, vegetables, sea rice, mead cuts, and many other dishes you´ll love.

Chichen Itza at Night

The spectacular light and sound presentation “Noches de Kukulkan” where motion pictures are projected on the amazing pyramid, they tell us stories about gods and humans, rituals, customs, and the knowledge of the cosmos and math. You shouldn’t miss this experience.

Cirque du Soleil

The beauty, the art, and passion have something in common, Cirque Du Soleil. The cirque which has captivated the world with its presentation “JOYA”, the story of a teenager who´s launched to a jungle inside of his extravagant grandfather. This night show promises you an immersive experience for all your senses. It´s located in the Federal Highway Cancun-Playa del Carmen, km 48.

Palapa´s Park

It´s located in the Cancun city center, it´s a public place where you´ll find many shows like folklore dance, music and everything you can imagine, besides you can find numerous restaurants near it. You can go at any hour but is at night when there´s more activity because the shows are in the afternoon.