The Colorodas of Yucatan: a dream place

The Coloradas in Yucatan state is a little and homely port with around 1000 people. Arriving at its coast, you´ll see that the main economic activity is the salt industry and fishing.

The population is close to Rio Lagartos to the west of Yucatan and it has one of the most important salt industries in the country.

The showy pink color of its waters is for the big concentration of salt and microorganisms that give to the town, one of the landscapes more wonderful in the world. According to the intensity of the sun, the color of the water can change from light brown to intense pink.

What to do?

  • Being a little town, you can move around walking or by car.
  • Take pictures next to the salt mountains.
  • Visit its less explored beaches.
  • Enjoy the landscapes and sand dunes.


  • It isn’t recommendable dive in the water, the salt saturation can hurt the skin.
  • Wear biodegradable sunscreen.
  • Have enough water to hydrate.
  • Camera with enough charge.
  • Avoid leaving waste.
  • Be careful with flora and fauna.