The best date to travel after the coronavirus

When we heard about the coronavirus it seemed like a distant topic somewhere in China, but as time has passed the WHO has declared the virus a pandemic. It’s evident the affectation that this variant named as Covid-19, has on the lives of millions of people around the world.

Keeping the health standards issued by the health agencies of each country and isolating as much as possible from exteriors, make it necessary to modify the plans that were already programmed. Such is the case of travelers, who for these same reasons are forced to postpone their travel dates or even have to cancel them.

Perhaps you also identify with the above, that is why in this article we will tell you what is the best date to travel to Cancun, once the pandemic is over.

Without a doubt, summer vacations are the best season to travel to the shores of the Mexican Caribbean, the turquoise blue waters are even more intense under the rays of the sun, and the white sand made up mostly of coral sediment is always cold, so it’s perfect for lying down and relaxing while waiting for the perfect tan. The temperature at this time of year varies between 28 °C and 32 °C, which can be the hottest stage of the year.

It’s estimated that the safe date to travel will be from May 4, so there is enough time to plan an itinerary full of activities. You can take advantage of this family time to have the vacation you have always dreamed of.