The 12 purposes for the new year

It´s usually to make a list with things to do for the new year that rarely comply or we leave in the middle. Many times for lack of time and in any others is for the unwillingness.

Even if most people leave in the middle, this doesn´t be a universal rule, unlike, it is necessary to work to change the conformism stereotypes and commit to oneself to achieving every our objectives.

Here it is a list with twelve porpuses for beginning the next year with the best attitude.

1st month: to camp with your couple

2nd month: to visit a “pueblo magico”

3rd month: to make travel with your backpack

4th month: to practice an extreme sport

5th month: touring in Cancun

6th month: to make a bike circuit

7th month: to know an ancient monument

8th month: to skip in parachute

9th month: to plan a romantic dinner

10th month: to visit a world wonder

11th month: to visit a place out of your imagination

12th month: to travel in a ship to a tropical place