One day at the beach will change your life

One day at the beach can calm your stress accumulated in one year, it might be for the sense of sand under the feet, the breeze stroking in the face, or the view to the blue waters, but the effect that the sea produces in our body brings great benefits.


In the busy world of today, we are pressed to follow many directions at the same time. The responsibilities in the work and home cause overwork inducing to our body to major pressure.

The repercussions of stress manifest in the form of physical discomforts like frequent headaches, constipation, excessive fatigue, insomnia, and many others than they can lead to chronic diseases.

Recent progress in the medicine area has revealed, that the sea sound stimulates the frontal lobe in the brain, in accordance with researchers, the frontal lobe is related to personality, the process in decision making, and the behavior in society, basically, this region determinates the qualities of human behavior.

Also, the benefits of taking sun shower are widely known, through the sun human body generates D vitamin, which helps to absorb calcium, the main element the constitutes the bones. The deficiency of calcium provokes diseases as osteoporosis and rickets.


Now you know swimming on the beach is a refreshing practice and produces physical and therapeutic benefits to our health.

Swimming on Cancun´s beach is the only thing you need to control your stress levels.


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