The most incredible cenote of the Yucatan Peninsula

Little frequented place

The cenote of Suytun, whose meaning is “stone center”, is located in the Rancho ganadero-Ecológico Suytun of Fernández and Mendoza, at kilometer 8 of the road that connects Valladolid with Puerto Juárez. It is a closed cenote, that is, it is located under the ground and its vault has an entrance of light that illuminates its interior and further highlights the beauty of the blue color of its waters.

It has a stone walkway from where you can swim in the water or walk to the center to take one of the most beautiful photos you can have in the Yucatan Peninsula. The depth of this cenote is five meters, so you can not practice diving.

The cenote is arranged for you to go down some stairs to the stone footbridge and has artificial lighting. By looking up you can enjoy the natural formations that will make you fall in love.


To consider

The cost of entry to the cenote is $50 per person. The cabin ranges from $750 to $950 pesos per cabin, per night and already includes access to the cenote. It is recommended to have insect repellent with you.


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