Facts you did not know about Las Coloradas de Yucatán

Surely you have already heard of Las Coloradas in the beautiful state of Yucatan, it is one of the most amazing settings in the Mexican Caribbean, a particularly pink lagoon that, today, captivates the attention of thousands of visitors.

In reality, Las Coloradas de Yucatan is the result of the production activities of the Saline Industry of Yucatan, founded in 1946. The company is very important since it provides sustenance for many Yucatecan families.

At first, the effect that salt extraction would have on the lagoon was not expected, but over time, the waters began to turn copper-colored until reaching a deep pink color. This phenomenon occurs due to the high concentration of salt and microorganisms, which together create this optical wonder.

The beauty of the place is complemented by the white sand dunes, which mix perfectly with the waters, giving rise to a dream paradise. Furthermore, the mountains of salt that rise above the horizon are perfect for stopping for a moment and thinking that the impact of human beings on nature does not necessarily have to be negative.

The best time to visit Las Coloradas is at noon, when the sun’s rays are at their peak, the light effect it has on the water makes the pink and copper tones appear clearly.

When you visit the place, remember that the salt extracted here is for human consumption, so swimming in the lagoon is strictly prohibited, in addition to being private property. Still, visiting the place is an incredible experience.