MUSA: Art and Snorkel in one place

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The underwater museum that you should know

To know MUSA is an unforgettable experience, it includes more than 470 sculptures, besides being an interesting artistic exhibition, these works are completely integrated to the environment that surrounds them, since they function as artificial reefs. For that reason you will have the opportunity to observe several species of flora and fauna.

The museum is designed to be visited from the depths of the sea, by diving, or from its surface, with snorkel or glass deck boats. If you choose to immerse yourself in the sea, the visitor can contemplate the sculptures in their true surroundings and appreciate their magnificence under the effects of weightlessness, alterations of color, light, and sound.

Sitio Cancun3
Sitio Cancun2

MUSA Cancun, the Underwater Museum of Art of Cancun is one of the most extraordinary places you can visit at the bottom of the sea, during your visit to this destination.

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